Metacomet Ridge, MA Nearby Mountains

name: Metacomet Ridge
state: MA
county: Hampshire
elevation (ft): 801
latitude: 41.8341667
longitude: -72.7972222

At the Metacomet Ridge Nearby Mountains webpage you will find mountain summits, mountain ridges, mountain gaps and mountain ranges. Mountain Summits are a prominent elevation rising above the surrounding level of the Earth's surface. Mountain Ridges are an elevation with a narrow, elongated crest which can be part of a hill or mountain. Mountain Gaps are a low point or opening between hills or mountains or in a ridge or mountain range. Mountain Ranges are a chain of hills or mountains; a somewhat linear, complex mountainous or hilly area.

Mountains have always held a special place in the soul of man. From the beginning of time mankind has been fascinated with mountains. Why do mountains touch the human spirit? Is it their size? Is it their solitude? The ancients believed that mountains formed the foundation of the world, that mountains surround the world and provide a resting place for the firmament (an inverted, transparent bowl separating the heavens from the earth), and that gods ruled from the top of mountains.

The Metacomet Ridge Nearby Mountains webpage provides you with a complete list of mountains in the vicinity of Metacomet Ridge, MA. On the Metacomet Ridge Nearby Mountains webspage we list all of the nearby mountain ranges, nearby mountain summits, nearby mountain ridges and nearby mountain gaps. Check one of the neighboring counties of Hartford, Hampden, Litchfield, Tolland, Middlesex, New Haven, Hampshire, Windham, Berkshire, New London if you don't see the nearby mountain you are seeking.

So why are mountains so important to the human psyche? We never answered that question. Is it their size? Is it their solitude? Is it the challenge of climbing them? We might be tempted to explain the importance of mountains by using words like grandiose and majestic; but these words or just scribbles on a piece of paper. These powerful adjectives derive their power from the mountain they describe. Without the mountain to give them meaning, grandeur and majesty are weak and powerless. Mountains are more than the words used to describe them. They are a powerful force on our subconscious that spark the creation of new words in an attempt to describe them.

Do mountains loom large in our mind because they are the closest point to heaven here on Earth? Why did Moses receive the 10 commandments on a mountain? Why did Mohammad receive his first revelation on a mountain? Why did Jesus ascend to heaven from a mountain? Whatever the reason, we created the Metacomet Ridge Nearby Mountains webpage to help you find mountains near you. Click on a different location if the mountain you seek is not listed.

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